Extreme force obstacle course
Next is the Extreme Force Obstacle Course, pictured above Two participants compete through 2 rock climbs, log jams, a tunnel and a 16' dual-lane slide.
Size: 26'W x 45'L x 16'H
Price $ 375.00
Treasure Maze 
(For kids 12 and under)something for the little ones a maze they can run thru while the parents can still keep an eye on them
Price $200.00
70' Large Obstacle Course
Holy cow, this thing is HUGE! Plenty of obstacles for two competitors to crawl, climb, and squeeze through before reaching the rock climb steps up the slide and then a fun ride down.
Size: 70’L x 11’W x 16’H
Price $ 394.00
40' Obstacle Course
Featuring jump through openings, pop ups, log jams, squeeze walls, crawl tubes, rock wall and slide, our 40’ Obstacle Course is great for any backyard event, company picnic and corporate event.

Size: 40’L x 11’W x 10’H
Price $225.00
Adrenaline Rush obstacle course
The Adrenaline rush Obstacle Course, pictured above is set up for Two participants to compete through 
Size: 28'W x 38'L x 13'H
Price $350.00